In the near future, the first Artificial Creative Intelligence (ACI) is creating art. And people are buying it. In this explosive two-hander, a famous painter struggling to revitalize his authenticity, and the powerful gallery owner who represents him discover the discord between their true colors and risk destroying their long relationship by asking: is creativity uniquely human?

2M / One Act / 75 min

Intelligent, witty...[and] tremendously compelling.
— Sarah Palay, Theatre Is Easy

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SciArt Magazine
Theatre in the Now

Algorithmism was self-produced (as 'Chaos Theatre') as part of the 2016 New York International Fringe Festival. Fundraising was done through an indiegogo campaign. It was named a 'Best Bet' of Fringe 2016 by 

Writing Sample


ACI is a ten-minute version of the first scene from Algorithmism.

2M / 10 min

One standout was Hersler’s ACI...stellar.
— Derek Jordan, Artwsire Weekly

The Artswire Weekly

Produced by Athena Theatre Company in the Unseen Visitor Ten Minute Play Festival, 2016. *In the Athena Theatre Production, the character Tom was changed to Deb and played by a woman.

Alvin Ballister v. Alvin Ballister

Immortality. We finally did it.  And we look fantastic. For the skeptics, there is still a way out. At a Mortality Tribunal in a post-death near future, Alvin Ballister is determined to prove to Rami, the presiding High Elder, and to Walter, the defense attorney tasked with defending Alvin’s life, that immortality has deep unforeseen consequences. Will Rami grant Alvin the right to self-sever, and concede that Alvin is right, that immortality was a mistake?

3M, 1F / 15 min

Produced with support from Athena Theatre Company in the Undiscovered Inhibitions Ten Minute Play Festival, 2015.

Matilda meets with her former fling in Central Park to help her decide whether or not to join the corporate world and take the job offer of a lifetime. The daughter of a prominent gallerist arrives lamenting her lost dog. When her boyfriend, a visual artist, invites Matilda to his opening that night, Matilda is torn between worlds. Plus: a monologue about a raccoon.

1M, 3F / 10 min

Produced by Amios Theatre Company in Shotz: There's a Time and Place for Everything, 2014

Ciao For Now

Set entirely in Snow White's head while she's in a coma after having been poisoned by the Queen, Snow White is guided by the very schizophrenic Doc to defeat the evil patriarchal anthropomorphic Pick Axe that is keeping her confined within her gender role.

1M, 2F / 10 min

Produced by Amios Theatre Company in A Shotz is a Wish Your Heart Makes, 2014

In the Glass Coffin

The morning after a one night stand. She, a corporate executive. He, a cavalier artist. When they get snowed in, they're forced to get to know each other beyond the labels.

1M, 1F / 10 min

Produced by Amios Theatre Company SF in Winter Games, 2014


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